Stock Trading Software

Finding stock trading software that’s both user-friendly, powerful, and versatile enough to handle a large portfolio is a challenge that’s stumped even the most enthusiastic and dedicated investors. It’s not so much a question of finding the software that works, but finding one that world’s over the long term, has an interface that’s intuitive and user-friendly, and stays up to date with the market.

Walk into any serious trader’s office and you’ll be confronted with a literal wall of monitors, each of which tends to be hooked up to a different news feed or stock graph. It’s the ever-common data area, an important part of investing for many. With the amount of information that stock traders look at in their daily routine, they need software that’s immensely powerful and able to be customized.

In this guide, we’ve looked at several of the top stock trading suites on the market today. Some are completely free, built into the API of an online brokerage and supported by commissions. A wider range of others are paid-for software, requiring either a large lump-sum payment or a small fee for continual access, which is generally paid monthly.

Some are relatively compact and easy-to-use, having been designed for traders on the go instead of the home-based six-monitor workspace crowd. Others, appealing to the serious trader more than the lifestyle trader, are built for power above anything else. We’ve covered all of them, and how the big range of stock trading software kits can improve your productivity, your income, and your business.

Let’s begin then, with one of the most well-known trading platforms available – eTrade. Technically both an online broker and an advanced stock trading platform, eTrade is one of the most acclaimed, effective, and popular stock trading software suites out there. Equal parts online and offline, it uses a mix of online news feeds and offline stock charts to allow you to work with or without internet.

It’s also relatively powerful, able to be adapted to suit almost any stock trading workstation. If you would like to split your trading activities across multiple screens for easy viewing, you’re able to do so. If you’d prefer to keep your stock trading activities in one place – namely on a small laptop or workstation – it’s just as easy to compress the eTrade interface onto a single computer screen.

Beyond eTrade, there are a variety of other options. One paid-for service is called eSignal, a large and powerful stock trading and charting application built using a similar back-end as eTrade. It’s a viable option for both serious traders and hobbyists, with a huge range of stock trading tools, quick help features, and references for those that are new to the world of online stock trading.

It’s also relatively user-friendly, using a similar easily customizable interface as eTrade itself. It’s a versatile piece of software, able to run on both large workstation computer with multiple cores – an item that will improve processing times immensely – and smaller notebooks. While different from eTrade in many ways, eSignal is a similarly easy-to-use and powerful stock trading software app.

While eTrade comes with a sixty-day free trial period, during which users can make trades and pay only the associated brokerage fees, eSignal offers only thirty days of unpaid use to its members. At this stage, the monthly fees are set between $129 and $199 – a relatively small cost for the amount of services, features, and market-moving advantages that a product such as this can offer.

Beyond large applications such as eTrade and eSignal, there are a range of smaller trading suites on the market. Many of these are custom built by smaller teams, often with the focus of improving just a small amount of traders’ strategies. In fact, many traders have their own software adapted for their trading alone, allowing them to improve their strategies with a familiar and simple interface.

Amongst these is Celetrade, an online trading application designed to assist everyone from newbie traders to experienced professionals. Built from the ground up for a combination of power and fast process, Celetrade is a surprisingly light application that’s always performing well. Unlike the many bloated and slow stock trading software suites, Celetrade processes everything at a rapid speed.

It’s backed up by a range of smaller applications, many of which have a single purpose – charting a stock’s performance from a CSV spreadsheet, for example. Others offer little more than direct trader tools, performing trades through a third-party brokerage and offering very little in the way of seeing stock progress or monitoring earnings. This type of software is often useful for some traders.

A stock trading workstation is a fairly personal place – it’s where you get your work done, and the place in which your investments come alive and start producing income for you. As such there’s no right piece of software for you. Test several – almost all of them offer a free trial period – and pick your winner based on the stock trading software suite that appeals the most to your trading needs.

As an industry that’s loaded with competition, finding good stock trading software isn’t such a tough process. Trial several different applications, see which suits your stock trading style and tactics best, and close on it. Doing so will improve your long-term trading abilities and massively optimize your stock trading business.

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